The staff at First Baptist Church all know that God both called them
to the ministry they are engaged in and are called to lead that ministry at this church:





Pastor -  Dr. Ed Balducci

A few interesting facts about our Pastor:

Hobbies– Aquarium, Rebuilding Computers and Reloading ammo

Your Passion – Helping people know Christ better (Acts 13:36)

What makes you laugh – Crazy things people do

Hero – My late father-in-law, CJ "Red" Jones

Favorite Outdoor Activity - Rifles and Hunting

Favorite Food – Anything Italian

Favorite Indoor Activity – Reading, Internet and Stock Market

Happiness is… Holding any of my grand children

Something people may not know about you – I was an Eagle scout

Favorite Drink – Anything besides Diet Coke

Assoc. Pastor/Worship Leader - Rev. Rick Miller 

A few interesting facts about Bro. Rick:
Hobbies – Hunting, building and repairing things
Your Passion – Worshiping the Lord Jesus and helping others Know Him

What makes you laugh – My grandson, Carter

Hero – of course Jesus, but other than the Son of God, Martin Luther

Favorite Outdoor Activity -Hunting and spending time with my family

Favorite Indoor Activity – Reading and listening to my boys play music

Happiness is…  all my crew together for a holiday

Something people may not know about you – I Love to ride motorcycles

Favorite Drink – Zero Calorie Monsters or Coffee

Youth Pastor - Michael Decker

A few interesting facts about Michael:

Hobbies– Martial Arts, Reading, and building Lego's

Your Passion– seeing students when they get how much God really does love them

What makes you laugh – My daughters Gabi and Ava when they start to giggle

Hero– I'll have to go with Superman on this one

Favorite Outdoor Activity-Hiking, camping, and swimming with my family

Favorite Indoor Activity– Reading and playing some video games

Happiness is…playing and wresting on the living room floor with my girls

Something people may not know about you – I was a butler at Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Favorite Drink – gotta be Mountain Dew

Church Secretary - Connie Boggs

A few interesting facts about Connie:

Your Passion - Traveling and working for God and FBC

What makes you laugh - People watching

Hero - My Dad was and always will be

Favorite Outdoor Activity - Fishing and gardening

Favorite Food - Ocean or Gulf Seafood

Happiness is... here and now

Favorite Drink - Southern Iced Tea with sugar


Childcare Center Director - Jonie Massey

A few interesting facts about Jonie:

Your Passion: Ministry and serving

What makes you laugh: People

Hero: My grandfather, Pepaw and my mother-in-law, Rosie

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Sitting on the beach

Favorite Drink: Coffee with creamer and sugar

Happiness is...having all my family together.