Take Up Your Cross Day Five

take up your cross
Day Five - I noticed something this morning, the longer I carry my cross, the stronger I get. My hands grip it better, my shoulders do not hurt when I carry it there, my arms lift it easier.
SP - God gives us the strength to carry our cross as we take it up. And the longer you carry it the stronger and bolder you are.
Also the longer I carry it the more comfortable I am with it. At first it was awkward and always got in my way, now I have figured out how to handle it and function in the day to day tasks. SP - as you carry your cross and follow Jesus, you become more confident in it. You share with more confidence, you are bolder in your faith and trust God to guise you through it.
Are you getting stronger in the Lord, if not try taking up that cross more. You see spiritual muscles you didn't know you had,
Bro Rick

Take Up Your Cross Day Four

take up your cross
Day Four - Today I started out with physical therapy at South Arkansas Rehab in Monticello (Great place by the way). As I walked in the lobby it was full and man did I get some stares. The young lady at the desk said "I just have to ask" So what I supposed to do? I answered. As I told her about my journey and What prompted it everyone leaned in to listen.  SP - When we take our cross God will give us opportunities to share His story and as we do others will lean in to listen also. You never know who will be listening as you take that opportunity to share.
Day Four Continued - Crisis - Lisa called me yesterday and as we were talking the sunroof blew of my Tahoe!! In my rush to take care of it I left my cross. As I was pouting about my sunroof and wondering how I would pay to have it to be replaced I realized that I wasn't trusting God. AND I forgot to grab my cross.
SP - Sometimes we are good at taking up our cross but when a crisis hits we PANIC! Not necessarily doubting God, but leaving Him out of the equation.
Are you trusting God today

in the good times and the Crisis time?

Take Up Your Cross,
Bro Rick

Take Up Your Cross Day Three Part 2

take up your cross

Day Three -  Went to Cornerstone Christian Academy to teach band in the afternoon. With Christian teachers and students that hear about Jesus all the time. My cross didn't seem to make much of a stir. SP (spiritual principle) The cross becomes common place to us. We wear them as jewelry, on clothing even tattoo them on our bodies. The meaning of the cross is losing its power because even the world has embraced the cross as a picture or shape.

Is our idea of "taking up our cross" worth the price that Jesus paid?
Bro Rick

Take Up Your Cross – Day Two

take up your cross
Day Two – when you take up your cross you learn to depend on others.
Continue- Day Two
1. People look at you with puzzled faces. They aren’t used to seeing someone actually carrying a real cross into places like physical therapy. SP – if we truly took up our cross daily as a disciple of Jesus, people might look puzzled at the we handled ourselves throughout the day.
2. From time to time I forgot to get my cross. Thus wondering where I left it or realizing I was functioning without my cross. SP- it is easy to lay your cross down at any time during your day and function outside the influence of it aka in the flesh and then scratch your head and wonder how did that happen.
Just a few thoughts from my day.
FYI This evening Deacon Miller and I will be building a smaller and lighter cross. I have come close to breaking a few things and this one is killing my back. I mean after all it isn’t the size our weight of the cross it is the symbol and lifestyle.
Take up your cross
Bro Rick

Take Up Your Cross – Day One

take up your cross

Last week the daily devotional that Deacon had Monday was on Matthew 16:24 where Jesus says “Take up your cross and follow me” So I asked Mack and Deacon what they thought it would be like if you carried a cross everyday, all day. That question haunted me all morning until I asked myself what would MY life look like if I carried a cross around all day, everyday. It was like God was challenging me to try this. So what was I supposed to do?Immediately the devil started trying to thwart my calling. I even woke up this morning with a pretty bad back ache and the thought came to me “How am I gonna carry a cross for a week with my back hurting?”. Once I committed this morning the back stopped hurting. So today I embarked on a week long journey with a cross for a week,

Already some things have become evident about taking up my cross.
1. Some people are annoyed by my cross. It disrupts THEIR routine.
2. As I went to the balcony to turn the sound and lights off someone asked me if I really had to take that up there with me, Well, is taking up our cross, an option or a command? is it a matter of convenience? Is it a part time command?
3. A cross can get heavy after a while. We may get tired along the way but we are called to preserver.
4. People look at me differently. Aren’t we called to be different? Shouldn’t people see a difference in us even if we don’t have a physical cross to carry?

Just a few quick observations. Stay turned this week as I journal each day.

Btw, have you taken up your cross today?
Bro Rick