Take Up Your Cross Day Five

take up your cross
Day Five – I noticed something this morning, the longer I carry my cross, the stronger I get. My hands grip it better, my shoulders do not hurt when I carry it there, my arms lift it easier.
SP – God gives us the strength to carry our cross as we take it up. And the longer you carry it the stronger and bolder you are.
Also the longer I carry it the more comfortable I am with it. At first it was awkward and always got in my way, now I have figured out how to handle it and function in the day to day tasks. SP – as you carry your cross and follow Jesus, you become more confident in it. You share with more confidence, you are bolder in your faith and trust God to guise you through it.
Are you getting stronger in the Lord, if not try taking up that cross more. You see spiritual muscles you didn’t know you had,
Bro Rick