Take Up Your Cross – Day Two

take up your cross
Day Two – when you take up your cross you learn to depend on others.
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1. People look at you with puzzled faces. They aren’t used to seeing someone actually carrying a real cross into places like physical therapy. SP – if we truly took up our cross daily as a disciple of Jesus, people might look puzzled at the we handled ourselves throughout the day.
2. From time to time I forgot to get my cross. Thus wondering where I left it or realizing I was functioning without my cross. SP- it is easy to lay your cross down at any time during your day and function outside the influence of it aka in the flesh and then scratch your head and wonder how did that happen.
Just a few thoughts from my day.
FYI This evening Deacon Miller and I will be building a smaller and lighter cross. I have come close to breaking a few things and this one is killing my back. I mean after all it isn’t the size our weight of the cross it is the symbol and lifestyle.
Take up your cross
Bro Rick

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