Take Up Your Cross Day Four

take up your cross
Day Four – Today I started out with physical therapy at South Arkansas Rehab in Monticello (Great place by the way). As I walked in the lobby it was full and man did I get some stares. The young lady at the desk said “I just have to ask” So what I supposed to do? I answered. As I told her about my journey and What prompted it everyone leaned in to listen.  SP – When we take our cross God will give us opportunities to share His story and as we do others will lean in to listen also. You never know who will be listening as you take that opportunity to share.
Day Four Continued – Crisis – Lisa called me yesterday and as we were talking the sunroof blew of my Tahoe!! In my rush to take care of it I left my cross. As I was pouting about my sunroof and wondering how I would pay to have it to be replaced I realized that I wasn’t trusting God. AND I forgot to grab my cross.
SP – Sometimes we are good at taking up our cross but when a crisis hits we PANIC! Not necessarily doubting God, but leaving Him out of the equation.
Are you trusting God today

in the good times and the Crisis time?

Take Up Your Cross,
Bro Rick