Take Up Your Cross – Day One

take up your cross

Last week the daily devotional that Deacon had Monday was on Matthew 16:24 where Jesus says “Take up your cross and follow me” So I asked Mack and Deacon what they thought it would be like if you carried a cross everyday, all day. That question haunted me all morning until I asked myself what would MY life look like if I carried a cross around all day, everyday. It was like God was challenging me to try this. So what was I supposed to do?Immediately the devil started trying to thwart my calling. I even woke up this morning with a pretty bad back ache and the thought came to me “How am I gonna carry a cross for a week with my back hurting?”. Once I committed this morning the back stopped hurting. So today I embarked on a week long journey with a cross for a week,

Already some things have become evident about taking up my cross.
1. Some people are annoyed by my cross. It disrupts THEIR routine.
2. As I went to the balcony to turn the sound and lights off someone asked me if I really had to take that up there with me, Well, is taking up our cross, an option or a command? is it a matter of convenience? Is it a part time command?
3. A cross can get heavy after a while. We may get tired along the way but we are called to preserver.
4. People look at me differently. Aren’t we called to be different? Shouldn’t people see a difference in us even if we don’t have a physical cross to carry?

Just a few quick observations. Stay turned this week as I journal each day.

Btw, have you taken up your cross today?
Bro Rick

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